I'm going to use a Epia Mini-ITX M10000 board for the computer. It have a 1Ghz processor. Mine have 512MB of RAM. And I have 2GB of flash memory for the storage (I don't want to use HD)

This will be the computer:

For powering this computer I'm going to use a new battery (12V/7.2Ah). This battery is 15x10x6cm, and height more than 1Kg. The battery will conect to the power transformer. In my project it will be a 12V input fanless board.

My robot will be a box (similar to pixar's film wall-e), with a small head and no hands (by now). I'm building the box in wood (30x30x26cm). In this box will be allocated all the hardware of the robot: battery in the botton part, then the computer, and so on.

The robot will have one microphone, one skeaker, one Camera (logitech usb web cam) and wifi (I need to find some usb wifi card that works well with linux).